Ruinscape: The Blade Runners

Who runs the Runners?

They all met in Broadleaf Hills, a small gnome village, when a gnome “researcher” named Graybeard (who was really quite young) approached them about searching for the lost ancient trade city of Priss. Jituke the dragonborn paladin and his traveling companion the displaced eladrin wizard, Udoroar, joined with Rygar the minotaur ranger, Lida the halfling rogue and Pechorin the human philosopher. Before they left they were approached by Paul, another human philosopher (this one of Isolate), who asked if they could find him a copy of the Human Slave Code from humans slave barracks in Priss. The party traveled west towards the Lowpeak Mountains, seeking a pass they believed lead to the ancient city. After some challenges they successfully discovered the pass. Just inside they got the drop on a bunch of hyenas who were waiting in ambush.



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