The Unwelcome Party

Session 3

After camping on the other side of the gate to Priss, the intrepid party of blade runners began their search for the ruined marketplace and the human slave barracks that is supposed to be there. Decay, ruin, entropy… the adventurers found nothing grand in the remains of the old empire’s once great trade city.
They came upon what they expected to be part of the marketplace, though it was hard to tell with how much damage the place had take and all the rot that had set in. Still, murky water filled the sunken roads and buildings had crumbled to half-standing hovels. Rygar’s keen eyes and sensitive nose noted that many different pest and other unwanted critters had been infesting the place for a long time.
Udoroar wandered away from the party, lost in his own musings.
The group arrived at a more intact section of the marketplace, where a few buildings still partially stood. Before they could move in to investigate further, however, all manner of rats crawled out of sewers and the muck-saturated water to attack.
After a struggle against great numbers the party, under the tactical wisdom of Pechorin, managed to kill off all the rodents.
What next awaits Graybeard’s agents as they explore the lost city?



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