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  • the old empire

    A great civilization that spanned the entire continent of [[Ridley]], it had existed for thousands of years. Great [[roads]] and [[tunnel systems]] connected the villages and cities of the old empire. The old empire was greatly advanced in the …

  • Ridley

    The largest, most dominant continent in [[Ruinscape]].

  • Ruinscape

    [[Ruinscape]] is the name some [[external scholars]] give to the world where [[the old empire]] once ruled the entire main continent of [[Ridley]] for a few millennia. A telling feature of [[Ruinscape]] is the lack of deities. Even [[the old empire]] …

  • arcane libraries

    Repositories of magical knowledge in [[the old empire]]. Where wizards and their arcane brothers trained. One of the most powerful institutions in [[the old empire]].

  • tunnel systems

    The [[dwarves]] dug vast, sturdy, aesthetically pleasing underground roads that linked [[mining communities]] and [[deep forges]] to the above ground travel [[roads]]. Some are still maintained in the dwarven underground empire, but most are in poor …

  • Universities of Philosophy

    [[the old empire | The old empire]] long ago saw the banishment of worshiping powerful beings as gods and in the place of religion rose the following of powerful ideals called [[Philosophies]]. Birthed from schools of traditional learning, the [[ …