the old empire

A great civilization that spanned the entire continent of Ridley, it had existed for thousands of years.

Great roads and tunnel systems connected the villages and cities of the old empire.

The old empire was greatly advanced in the arcane arts, several prominent cities hosting arcane libraries that served as schools and repositories of knowledge. Gods were not worshiped – instead there were Universities of Philosophy where various Philosophies were studied, followed and spread to the empire.

There were four ruling races who controlled the old empire: the dragonborn, the minotaurs, the eladrin, and the dwarves. The empire counted as citizens: the gnomes, the gith, and near the end of the old empire the halflings. Slaves in the old empire consisted of the following races: the humans, the orcs, and the kobolds.

Centuries ago the Ruination occurred, destroying the great state and scattering it’s people.

the old empire

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