the Ruination

The event that centuries ago caused the fall of the old empire and brought chaos to the land now known as the Ruinscape.

The actual event or events that made up the Ruination are lost to the annals of history, though most races and sages have multiple theories.

What is (generally) accepted are the following facts:

- the halflings appeared in the old empire only a few decades before the Ruination - the eladrin and the gith both disappeared entirely around the time of the Ruination and the gith have not been seen since - the dwarves retreated fully into their mines, quickly carving out cities and an underground empire, reportedly weathering the troubled times quite well - both the dragonborn and the kobolds have myths and legends about a great kobold insurrection occurring at the same time

Whether all, some, or none of these are directly connected to the Ruination is mere speculation.

the Ruination

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