The old empire was vast, covering the whole of the known world, and great, as advanced in the arcane and mundane arts as any in the history of Ruinscape.

But the Ruination changed all of that forever…

Ruinscape is a realm where an ancient civilization, known only as the old empire, was destroyed in an event known ever since as the Ruination. Once dragonborn, minotaurs, eladrin and dwarves jointly ruled a sweeping state that dominated all known sentient races and controlled nearly all the explored lands. Gnomes, gith, and even the ‘recent’ arrivals the halflings were all citizens of the old empire, while humans, orcs and kobolds were slaves.

But that was indeed a very long time ago. It has been centuries since the Ruination occurred, and outside of the legends of the dragonborn and the kobolds, no one really knows what caused the collapse of the old empire. Ruinscape now is a world of barely controlled chaos: wilderness having reclaimed much of what used to be roads and cities; new invading forces of the goblinoids and the recently reemergent giants and trolls taking more and more land under their banners and rule; the underground dwelling dwarves and the above ground plotting of the gnomes vying for dominance with the rapidly expanding cities of the orcs.

It is in this world that many seek lost treasures of the past. The old empire held much knowledge that has been long forgotten, and it’s ruins contain many artifacts of great worth and power. Amidst all the uncertainty of Ruinscape, one thing has become reliable – being Blade Runners, those who explore destroyed cities and recover old tomes, scrolls and devices, is very attractive and often lucrative line of work.

This campaign follows one such group of Blade Runners. This is their story.


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