Pechorin of Highland

Human Philosopher (cleric), Shielding


Level 1 Human Shielding Cleric


Former Slave to the Dwarven clans of Highland, Pechorin was pressed into service In the conflict between Goblinoid tribes and the confederation of the city states of Highland, Tinto, and Kalekka, which was subsequently known as the Higheast War, after the name of the region. Pechorin was assigned to a small unit known as the Orange Brigade, whose mission was to guard the mountain pass between Highland and Tinto. The brigade was ambushed and only three members survived, the Dwarf Wisemail, the Slave Werner, and Pechorin.

Though he escaped the massacre, Pechorin was badly wounded and only survived because he was taken in by the mountain hermit Zeno. after recovering from his wounds, Pechorin stayed with Zeno, and trained hard for years to become a Philosopher. Upon leaving the mountains, Pechorin fled Higheast and finally made his way to Broadleaf hills.

Pechorin of Highland

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